You are READY to make your living vision a reality..

You’ve completed The Dream Big, Plan Smart Challenge and you’re ready to keep going 

… determining your milestones, actions

… finding balance with the rest of your acting career

… defining new life goals 

And so much more!

"As an actor who gets the work they want by understanding the business of artistry, Elise is a person who is fearless and in control.

Talks with her are not only practical, honest and direct but empowering; not only to act but embrace your best most genuine self."

Aaron Reeder

Kim Narrated 24 Audiobooks in Less than a Year! 

Kim Niemi

"Before taking the plunge and working with Elise, I was feeling scattered about which goals to pursue and how to focus my efforts with two “day jobs” sucking up a lot of time and energy. I was throwing a lot of spaghetti at the wall in the hope that anything would stick.  

With my goal of breaking in to the audiobook industry, Elise worked with me on the various technical aspects I needed to understand and perfect – from ways to use the training I already had as an actor, to new and specific skills needed as a narrator. Through my work with her I refined that technique, figured out which genres I was best suited to, made a demo, and crafted reach-out letters. The beautiful thing about Elise is her generosity in not just helping you be ready, but in sharing her contacts. I booked my first audiobook through one of her referrals and am about to record my third audiobook (that's 3 in three months!). [Kim is now at 19 audiobooks and counting!]  

None of this would have happened without Elise. It’s not just that she provides structure and accountability – she becomes your champion. She genuinely wants to see you succeed. She’s helped me feel powerful and confident – and I know it’s only a matter of time before my dream of saying goodbye to my day jobs and making 100% of my income as an actor becomes a reality."  

If you learned a TON inside The Dream Big, Plan Smart Challenge and are craving ongoing strategy and personalized coaching to help you Work as An Audiobook Narrator + Find Balance with the rest of your acting career, then... 

The Momentum Club is THE membership program to help you:

  • Complete all actions in The Dream Big, Plan Smart Challenge, and get clarity on your milestones and daily actions so that you can achieve the results you initially set out to achieve
  • Troubleshoot whenever you reach a hiccup in your reach outs, auditions, negotiations, etc. 
  • Learn new business skills in developing as both a performer and CEO of your acting career
  • Receive ongoing feedback and accountability from Elise + fellow Momentum Clubbers

It’s time to ask yourself: 

Am I willing to step out of my comfort zone + take action now?

If the answer is YES, then you’re in the right place because
The Momentum Club is now enrolling.

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Eric feels Supported, Validated, Connected + is WORKING! 

"If I had not been made aware of and then took the step to work with Elise, I would not be in the position I am in now. For the first time in my life, I am a working voice actor, having just signed on to voice three audiobooks for a local publisher. Next week I'll be recording a video game demo with a world renowned demo producer. Neither of these things would have happened had I not been working with Elise. I have worked with other business coaches and marketing coaches over the past 4 years or so and literally nothing changed. There was no forward movement. I'm not saying their techniques won't work for anyone, but they didn't work for me. Elise brought support, validation, connection and real concrete "Go and do THIS" instructions that were actionable, logical and showed measurable results. Working with Elise has made a huge difference."  

Eric Fox

Darrionna Barnes

“Before I worked with Elise, I felt clueless about the steps I could take to advance my career beyond training vigorously in an acting class. I was no doubt a passionate artist, but I felt stuck due to a lack of knowledge about the business of acting.

With Elise's guidance, I learned very quickly that the success of my career is within my own power.

Through each session, she gracefully and compassionately helped me to clarify specifc goals and actions, which empowered me to grow beyond my former comfort zone to achieve more. Before working with Elise, I believed that I had to move to L.A. ASAP in order to advance my TV/film career; since working in Power Group, I've booked my first two co-stars in my current location!”

Why You Need This:


I get it: You are an actor interested in A LOT of things but have difficulty focusing on just one. I will help you define what it is you really want, among your narration and other acting goals so that together we can determine where you'll focus this year and how you will specifically and consistently work towards one goal. By achieving goal after goal, you will grow the career that you most desire, and will likely be surprised along the way!


Did you know that you are 9 times more likely to achieve a goal if you invest in accountability like working with a career coach? With three opportunities to connect each month, you will have the ability to check in with me VERY CONSISTENTLY and ask for specific accountability so that you can finally push through whatever has held you back in the past (technology, comfort, not knowing how to get there), so you can can actually hit the acting + life goals that you want most.


There are A LOT of options out there when it comes to building your career as an actor. What makes the Global Actor special is that we don't let our zipcode define us. We move forward through our plan with curiosity and a willingness to see what's in front of us right now, enjoying the process and ultimately looking back on the big strides we've made. Because I don't allow a ton of excuses, you'll notice you're surrounded by other hard-working actors who believe big things are possible, which makes it easy for you to practice a positive mindset.

Think of this as your GYM MEMBERSHIP

If you want big success, you've got to be working on your actions AND strategy consistently, and adjusting as necessary. It doesn't just happen unless you

The Momentum Club includes:

3 Coaching Calls

Deep-Dive Hot-Seat Coaching 

The Hot-Seat Coaching Call is your time to get direct coaching from me on whatever you’re struggling with. You’ll leave the call with a clear plan and action steps to keep you movin’ and groovin’ towards your next goal with ease. You can share marketing materials, auditions, VO or audiobooks samples, self-tapes or anything else you’d like my feedback on. 

(held once a month on Zoom) 

Rapid Fire Q + A Call

This call is the place to show up once a month to share a quick update for accountability, ask me any and all questions that have popped up since last session. 

(held once a month on Zoom) 

Co-Working Session

This is your once-a-month Study Hall opportunity. Bring the work you’ve been needing to get done, it may be the reachouts you’ve been putting off, the marketing materials you’ve been meaning to build, etc. During this two hour block, we’ll work in tandem in 25 minute segments. Between segments, I’ll take any questions that are keeping you from forward momentum.

(held once a month on Zoom) 

Monthly Accountability Plans and Reports

Beginning in January 2021, each month you’ll receive a template for your next month's plan and  you’ll have the opportunity to send it to Elise and her team for accountability and share a check-in at the end of each month. If you don’t hit all you planned, no sweat, just apply for the next month’s Hot Seat Call. Elise will help you regroup and keep charting your path forward! 

Accountability Partnerships

Would you like to be paired with a partner to get those important daily and weekly actions done? After 3 months in the club, if you’d like, Elise and her team will pair you with another Momentum Club member for the month. Each month you’ll get a new partner to keep things fresh. Optional.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with other members 24/7 online for support and inspiration.

Join the Momentum Club now!

Monthly Membership


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About Your Mentor, Elise Arsenault

Working Actor + Career Coach + Founder of The Global Actor, Elise Arsenault is known for bringing focus + direction to actors' careers helping them "live where they want + work when they want". From NY to LA, Atlanta to Portland & abroad, Elise's clients receive not only tangible results (more bookings, new representation, etc.), but a mindset to support it all!  

Elise is a Backstage Expert and has served as both director + producer for theatrical productions across the country. As a consultant + teaching artist, she has worked with institutions to enhance their arts programs through workshops and partnerships.  

Clients include Washington National Opera, Smithsonian Institute and Missoula Children's Theater. She has also puppet coached several regional & educational productions of Avenue Q. Elise is a graduate of the British American Drama Academy at Oxford and George Mason University. Her training also includes several years of private improvisational training with Gary Austin (founder of The Groundlings) and private voice & acting training with Thom Jones (voice/dialect/text coach to Ben Mendelsohn & Nicole Kidman, among others). She holds a certificate from the Vocal Pedagogy Workshop at Boston Conservatory.  

Theatre credits include Merrimack Rep, Lyric Stage Co. of Boston, Imagination Stage, Adventure Theatre, Ivoryton Playhouse, Stoneham Theatre, Theater of the First Amendment, Colonial Theater, Washington Shakespeare Company and Artistic New Directions (NYC). She is the narrator of over 100 audiobooks for Scholastic, Blackstone, Brilliance, Highbridge, Tantor Audio, Blunder Woman and Insatiable Press. She and her husband, Justin, co-own The TreeCave, a full-service recording studio where they love to collaborate with and serve their fellow voice actors and musicians in producing audio of the highest quality for each unique project. ​ Elise believes an actor’s quality of life is as important as career and wants actors to know: 

"You don't have to wait until you're an A-Lister to live your dream life!"

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