Is it time to join Actors' Equity?


There's much to consider!

What are your credits?

Does your resume highlight a few dream roles that you are perfect for? Are there recent credits from Equity theaters? Have you worked as an EMC? 


Do you have a BFA or MFA in theater or musical theater? Perhaps another training program where you learned from established acting teachers and professional working actors? Established and ongoing training will be of utmost importance on your resume until your credits can speak for themselves.  

Who do you know?

The creative team will hire someone they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST. Is there an Equity theater, or two, or three that has hired you more than once these past few years? Have you worked with directors, music directors and playwrights who consistently work at an Equity theater?  

Do you feel competitive & committed?

Are you in this for the long-haul? Are you willing to keep up your craft and maintain peak-condition both physically & mentally (and emotionally)? Joining Equity is worth it if so. 

Where do you live and are you open to travel?

Some actors like to weigh the pros and cons of the availability of union work in their area, before joining. Do you live in a major market like LA or NYC? A regional market like Boston, DC or Chicago? 

Take the quiz now to find out more about how joining Equity might be right for you :)

Bring it on!

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