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Are you ready to build up to a series regular on TV, star in indie films around the globe, and have a thriving voiceover career that supports you + your family, but you have no idea where to start?  

You’re not alone. You likely did not receive business training in your acting program and are now in need of the entrepreneurial skills to support your career! Maybe you have invested in a few online programs or have learned alot from free resources along the way, but are still unclear of what actions you can be taking on a day-to-day basis to finally see some results.

What if you had a clear plan in place with proven strategies that actually work and you knew exactly what steps to take each day?  

What if you had someone to consistently bounce ideas off of -- someone who could help you switch directions swiftly and strategically when you hit a dead end. Someone who was not only an experienced working actor herself with a global network, but one who has also helped working actors partner with powerful representation, book next-level jobs in film, tv, voiceover, theater, and more? What if you never had to feel like you were “throwing spaghetti at the wall” ever again?  

Well, this opportunity exists and you’re in the right place, because The Global Actor Power Groups are now enrolling!  

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“Elise is spectacular at helping you set a specific action plan to get results, whether that's trying to get new representation or forming other industry relationships. But she's also great at getting you into the right mindset, as a human being, to be able to take those steps with joy and fearlessness. It's a complete approach, and it really works.” ​ - Ellen Adair (Homeland, The Slap, Billions)

"I've just completed my first round of Global Actor Power Groups. Looking back, I am so proud of what was achieved over the course of 5 months. I never would have thought back when we started that by the end of this I would have a manager in NYC! Through Elise's guidance and network, I also recorded my first audiobook for a major publisher and have continued growing my industry relationships-- last week I was a reader for HOMELAND auditions. I'm signing on for another round and cannot wait to gain even more results!"  

- Kristina Horan

The Global Actor Power Groups with Elise is a comprehensive career coaching opportunity created to accelerate your career over the next five months!

Based on your goals & experience, we may explore any of the following:

Book a Next-Level Job

I have helped a ton of actors like you book many "firsts", from a first audiobook to VO commercial to exciting next-level jobs in TV & film.

Build Your Team  

First we'll determine how well you are self-representing, and when ready let's add an agent, manager or PR member to your team to broaden your reach and reputation!

Upgrade Your Marketing Tools

We'll review your headshot, resume, website, business card, reel and an audio demos to make sure your branding is clear, consistent and highlighting you in the best light in a competive way!

Narrate Audiobooks

If you LOVE reading and creating characters this could be your DREAM acting job. As the narrator of over 90 audiobooks, I'll fill you in on the ins and outs of the industry, taking you from your first audition to balancing multiple clients as you gain experience.

Kickstart Your Voiceover Career

Whether you're just getting started in VO or have been at it for a few years, I'll help you polish your technique, upgrade your materials and ultimately increase your bookings! 

Own Your Business Skills Like a CEO!

This is YOUR career, so I will do my best to empower you to consistently make choices that feel super-aligned with your dreams & values. I'll push you past your comfort zone so that you can reach new heights! I'm always up for discussing joining the union, incorporating, creating your own opportunities and other important business desicions!


The Global Actor Power Group is a five-month group coaching program. Unlike a typical online course, the power group offers you one-on-one laser-focused coaching with me every two weeks. The curriculum is customized to you and your goals. Our work will be a combination of strategy, creativity and accountability. You must be ready to commit to big steps forward and be open to moving past your comfort zone on a consistent basis. But don’t worry, I’ll be with you to help you craft cover letters, script phone calls, plan submissions every step of the way!  

As your coach, it is my intention to help you fill your toolbox with fresh marketing materials, build upon your existing industry relationships, and create more opportunities so you can get in more rooms, confidently book the work you deserve, and pay all of your bills from your art.  

"I can confidently say 2018 was my most successful year as an actor. I booked my first voiceover gig, and earned over $14,000 from commercial acting work, which feels amazing! I can trace much of my success to the audition, mindset and marketing strategy I worked on with Elise in the Global Actor Power Group. Elise has a knack for helping actors communicate their intentions powerfully to industry professionals in a way that does not feel needy or pushy. She will definitely push you past your comfort zone— in a good way! Through our work, I was able to gain legit representation and am finally auditioning and being considered for top-tier TV + Film work."  

-Eric Leeb (The Presidents Show, The Perfect Murder, Mysteries at the Museum)

"Before taking the plunge and working with Elise’s Power Groups I was feeling scattered about which goals to pursue and how to focus my efforts with two “day jobs” sucking up a lot of time and energy. I was throwing a lot of spaghetti at the wall in the hopes that anything would stick. With my goal of breaking in to the audiobook industry, Elise worked with me on the various technical aspects I needed to understand and perfect – from ways to use the training I already had as an actor, to new and specific skills needed as a narrator. Through my work with her I refined that technique, figured out which genres I was best suited to, made a demo, and crafted reach-out letters. The beautiful thing about Elise is her generosity in not just helping you be ready, but in sharing her contacts. I booked my first audiobook through one of her referrals (about a third of the way into my second Power Group session) and am about to record my third audiobook (that's 3 in three months!).  

None of this would have happened without Elise. It’s not just that she provides structure and accountability – she becomes your champion. She genuinely wants to see you succeed. I just renewed my third Power Group session because I have additional creative goals I want to pursue, and I know with Elise in my corner I will get farther than I ever could alone. She’s helped me feel powerful and confident – and I know it’s only a matter of time before my dream of saying goodbye to my day jobs and making 100% of my income as an actor becomes a reality."  

- Kim Niemi

Here’s what the Power Group includes:

Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions  

We will meet via Zoom (think of it as Skype on steroids) for a group meeting session ten times (approximately every 2 weeks) over the course of five months. 

Deep-Dive Coaching  

During each session, you will have one-on-one deep-dive coaching with me where we’ll brainstorm, strategize and plan clear actions for your performance career.

Monthly Facebook Office Hours

Once a month, we'll roll up our sleeves and work together to create a fab actor bio, draft cover letters that get you in the room + implement PR strategy. Get hands-on feedback in real time.

Group Coaching Schedule: Choose one of the 4 options below.

Sunday Nights

7:00-9:00pm EDT 4:00-6:00pm PDT

July 7, 21 August 4, 18 September 8, 22 October 6, 20 November 3, 17 

Monday Days

Noon-2:00pm EDT 9:00-11:00am PDT

July 8, 22 August 5, 19 September 9, 23 October 7, 21 November 4, 18

Tuesday Days

Noon-2:00pm EDT 9:00-11:00am PDT

July 9, 23 August 6, 20 September 10, 24 October 8, 22 November 5, 19

Thursday Nights

7:00-9:00pm EDT 4:00-6:00pm PDT

July 11, 18 August 8, 22 September 12, 26 October 10, 24 November 7, 21

Facebook Office Hours Tuesdays (once a month) at 7:00-10:00p ET/ 4:00-7:00p PT 

July 30

August 27

September 17

October 29

November 26

You will also have 24/7 access to a members only private Facebook group where you can connect with fellow working actors and gain extra coaching with me once a month during Facebook Office Hours.

"If I had not been made aware of and then took the step to work with Elise, I would not be in the position I am in now. For the first time in my life, I am a working voice actor, having just signed on to voice three audiobooks for a local publisher. Next week I'll be recording a video game demo with a world renowned demo producer. Neither of these things would have happened had I not been working with Elise. I have worked with other business coaches and marketing coaches over the past 4 years or so and literally nothing changed. There was no forward movement. I'm not saying their techniques won't work for anyone, but they didn't work for me.  

Elise brought support, validation, connection and real concrete "Go and do THIS" instructions that were actionable, logical and showed measurable results. Working with Elise has made a huge difference."  

- Eric Fox

"Just over a year ago, I felt stagnant and scattered in my acting career. Working with Elise was a complete game-changer for me. Membership in the Global Actor Power Group gave me the focus and direction I needed to get organized, grow my network and begin to understand exactly what was in my control.  

It’s been one year since beginning the journey with Elise and in addition to celebrating reaching my one-year goal this week, I have also gained the confidence and perspective to let things flow. I now understand how to create buzz for my career and I can’t wait to set my next goal & attain it! I wouldn’t have known where to start if it were not for Elise & The Global Actor."  

- Callie Beaulieu (Hartford Stage, Narrator of over 100 audiobooks)

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Fast Action Bonus: When you schedule your call before Sunday, May 19th and join the Power Group, you will receive all of the above PLUS access to an Industry Relationships Google Sheet Template, so you can get to work organizing your industry reach-outs right away.

There is very limited space for Power Groups. Each group is limited to 6 actors. 

So if you’re serious about taking your artistic career to the next level and are ready for some support and guidance, let’s set up a time to talk. 

 Just click the button below to get the ball rolling.

But don't delay! Several Power Group slots have already been taken by returning actors. They achieved success last session and are back for more. 

Application Process: We'll schedule a 20-minute PowerGroup Consultation to discuss how I can help you take your acting career to the next level through accountability and strategy. We'll discuss your goals, current challenges, and I'll offer some solid strategy so you can experience actual results this Summer & Fall. 

What Actors Are Saying:

"Deciding to work with Elise was the jumpstart I’d been looking for in my acting career. Her coaching gave me the inspiration and momentum I needed to prepare to move to a new market, set new goals for myself and most importantly, start working toward those goals with a positive mindset. It was invaluable to have Elise help me gain clarity around where I should focus my energy. I saw results immediately. While I booked a credit within two weeks of working with her, the most exciting achievement is that now, everything feels like a win because the process is more fun and rewarding than it’s ever been. I’m no longer obsessing over the end game because she’s helped me design a day to day life I love. Trust me, you want Elise in your corner and I’m thankful to have her in mine!"  

- Lauren Buglioli (Unstoppable, Cabaret, The Great Gatsby

"A little background: I've tried a few video courses for actors/artists and found them full of content I didn't need, or wasn't confident enough to implement on my own. I don't prefer group coaching, as I'm the last to raise my hand, so I never get my goals addressed. Plus, most acting biz programs boxed me in to ONLY exploring acting goals, when my "day job," might actually afford me the freedom to pursue more art!  

​That's why I was so very pleased when "The Global Actor's Power Group " solved all of this. Elise is a -grounded, practical, smart and encouraging- sweetheart! Each group session gave me the private attention I needed. I could discuss both my "day job" and acting/artistic pursuits. I'm a fairly organized person myself, but having Elise to breakdown the homework every few weeks kept me on track!“  

- Abbie Rose (Actress, Yoga Instructor & Certified Tapping Coach)

"Two days ago I was officially offered to sign with a theatrical stage agency in NYC. I had no idea about researching anything until I started working with Elise. She hit it within the first 20 minutes of our conversation that as a performer 'I am the CEO of my own company.' She taught me that I was auditioning the agent as much as they me. I was cool, calm & collected in my agent meetings. It was easy, because I was prepared."  

- Katie Anne Clark (Music Man National Tour, Wild Party, Guys & Dolls)

"I am ever so grateful to Elise for encouraging me to pursue recording audiobooks as a viable employment option as an actor. It was Elise who first recognized that I could and should narrate - something I had always wanted to do, but thought would be an impossible market to crack, or at the very least difficult to get in the door to audition for. Elise laid out the process for submitting, shared contacts and 6 months later I got a call to record my first book. Elise is not only a generous person and a professional business coach, her creativity as an artist is contagious. I use a phrase I’ve heard others say that describes what Elise did. It’s called 'sending the elevator back down' so you bring people up with you. I'm inspired to do the same with my resources. Thanks Elise for paving a path!" ​ ​- Celeste Oliva ​(SMILF, Castle Rock, Bleed for This)

About Your Mentor, Elise Arsenault

Working Actor + Career Coach + Founder of The Global Actor, Elise Arsenault is known for bringing focus + direction to actors' careers helping them "live where they want + work when they want". From NY to LA, Atlanta to Portland & abroad, Elise's clients receive not only tangible results (more bookings, new representation, etc.), but a mindset to support it all!  

Elise is a Backstage Expert and has served as both director + producer for theatrical productions across the country. As a consultant + teaching artist, she has worked with institutions to enhance their arts programs through workshops and partnerships. Clients include Washington National Opera, Smithsonian Institute and Missoula Children's Theater. She has also puppet coached several regional & educational productions of Avenue Q. Elise is a graduate of the British American Drama Academy at Oxford and George Mason University. Her training also includes several years of private improvisational training with Gary Austin (founder of The Groundlings) and private voice & acting training with Thom Jones (voice/dialect/text coach to Ben Mendelsohn & Nicole Kidman, among others). She holds a certificate from the Vocal Pedagogy Workshop at Boston Conservatory.  

Theatre credits include Merrimack Rep, Lyric Stage Co. of Boston, Imagination Stage, Adventure Theatre, Ivoryton Playhouse, Stoneham Theatre, Theater of the First Amendment, Colonial Theater, Washington Shakespeare Company and Artistic New Directions (NYC). She is the narrator of over 90 audiobooks for Scholastic, Blackstone, Brilliance, Highbridge, Tantor Audio and Insatiable Press. She and her husband, Justin, co-own The TreeCave, a full-service recording studio where they love to collaborate with and serve their fellow voice actors and musicians in producing audio of the highest quality for each unique project.  

​Elise believes an actor’s quality of life is as important as career and wants actors to know: “You don’t have to wait til you’re an A-Lister to live your dream life”.  

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